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Wow. Eqafe review. Where to start.

The Reptilian Series are my favorite – my husband calls them my ‘date with Anu’. Haha. Life is so hectic and at the end of my days, it’s a sort of me time where I put on my headphones, listen, laugh, and self-reflect. Sometimes, the interviews are pretty intense or have a lot of information so I take notes – other times, I can simply hear and absorb what’s being shared while I’m doing the dishes, driving in the car or working on a project.

The interviews on Eqafe have, without a doubt, sped up my process of understanding myself, my relationships and the world and I have found them to be my main source of support at times when I’m sorting through some difficult issues. When I’m stuck or am not fully understanding what’s going on with me and my relationship with things, I usually go straight to Eqafe and enter into the Search Feature whatever I’m experiencing at the moment and from there, all the interviews come up in relation to that point.

One of the most profound support from Eqafe was the Sound Signature drawing and private interview that explained the drawing. From this, I was able to see and realize for myself for the first time how what I do determines who and what I am.

Thanks so much for all that the Eqafe team does – really grateful to have this 24/7 tool for assistance, support, understanding, growth and personal enjoyment.



The Reptilians series can be found here – enjoy the journey
Reptilians Season 1
Interview 1 – 100

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