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Why Does No One Seem to Understand Me?!

I just got done listening to EQAFE’s free new interview Why Does No One Seem to Understand Me? and must say this was a really cool, interesting listen. Let me explain why:

This interview in itself addresses the question that we all have asked ourselves sometime in our life, but never actually really understood WHY we ask this out of frustration/irritation/anger within ourselves.

As you listen, you will be directed to view illustrations pertaining to the topic that will help you understand and see how you are really participating when you are out with friends, for example. The illustrations support the visual learners (myself included) to fully grasp what is being talked about within the interview.

The interview also provides practical activities that you can do for yourself that will assist you in understanding yourself more when you’re around others. This in itself can be interesting because you can find/discover more things about yourself.

I found this interview supportive because it addresses the question I have asked myself when I am around co-workers particularly, and I have found key points/realizations about why I think No One Seems to Understand Me to work with.

This is definitely a cool interview I suggest one give a listen to, and even if one claims they never asked this question to themselves, I suggest to listen to it because it also provides support on how to deal with conflicts/burdens one has in their life or with others.

Did I mention this interview is FREE? Check it out here: Why Does No One Seem To Understand Me?

Michelle Mulcrone


  1. Why do some people seem to have it all figured out? Some people’s facebook posts proudly boast of incredible vacations and great accomplishments.  People’s holiday cards are filled with stories of triumph and inspirational tales of perseverance. The nightly news fills our hearts with awe-inspiring tales of Lance Armstrong -like recoveries from even the most debilitating diseases and illnesses.

    • eqafereviews eqafereviews

      Not all can have fantastic lives – there isn’t enough money for it – and those few lucky enough to boast on facebook with luxurious vacations are just that – lucky – the average human being is dirt poor – and this is what we require to change

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