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Why Do I Fear Eye Contact?

The search terms I used to find this particular interview on Eqafe was “eye contact.” I wanted to know more about eye contact – why have I ALWAYS avoided eye contact with others, why did I see myself as more comfortable when avoiding eye contact?

The interview itself is named From Shyness to Self Confidence – Life Review. I highly recommend it.

Eye contact is mentioned in the interview, but it covers many aspects of being shy. I was listening to the interview, and it was just like this interview was made for me. It was like re-living this strong/powerful experience of shyness that I’ve had for basically my whole life.

Now, re-living my experience of shyness sounds like it could be a negative thing, but it isn’t. I was able to through the interview, understand deeper patterns of shyness and WHY it exists, HOW it exists and WHERE it came from.

It was extremely enlightening for me, and it has helped me greatly already by seeing the origins of my own shyness and also on why/how to transcend my shyness so that I can become something more and so I do not continue/die with regret/disappointment.

Again, very highly recommended – an eye opener and a solution to change oneself.

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