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The Biggest Contemporary Library of Universal Knowledge

Since the launch of Eqafe, I have been listening to every single available video and audio. Whenever new audios are published, I immediately transfer them to my iPod Shuffle and listen to them during walking, running, cooking, driving and exercising, usually several times over. The specificity of information that explains every imaginable aspect of existence is incredible. The most assisting series for me has been Shocking Secrets of Masturbation and What is Sex. In the past years, I have listened to both series at least 3 times. They helped me to overcome my addiction to porn and develop practicing sex as physical self-expression. And since I work in the field of education, the Parenting – Perfecting the Human Race series has enabled me to understand what needs to be paid attention to in order to avoid harmful consequences of child development. Eqafe audios keep surprising me with practical guidance that everyone can apply in their lives and immediately produce measurable improvements in our society. Many thanks to all the dedicated people who assist in the creation of this biggest contemporary library of universal knowledge that demystifies anything that has so far been a deep secret to mankind!

~ Valentin

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