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So Profound, yet Concise and Straightforward

“Hey there! My name is Steven. I had the fortune to find Eqafe in my searching for help through some of my darker years when I was younger and through my years of heavy searching for answers to some of the big questions in life. I went down many different paths looking for answers as well as studying many different religions, beliefs, and practices but I found Eqafe to be the most helpful because I didn’t have to sift and filter through lots of empty and misguided information to find some kind of answers. I found Eqafe to be so profound yet concise and straightforward in all of its content and continually offering true direct support to help with any question I had. I am forever thankful to the beings that have worked so hard and consistently over the years to make Eqafe a reality and all that they continue to do!
I am beyond thankful.”

~ Steven

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