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My Own Beingness Interview

Something happened to me today, I found out something. Something that I didn’t expect. For a moment, again for the second time in my life, I was awe struck. My whole world that I had known and participated in was in a moment ‘blown apart’ Or at least that is how I experienced it. lol

Sounds dramatic, hmmm yes, well that is me to some degree, I have lived drama and crisis. I have lived as someone that took to heart every little detail, trying to find my place in life, and define myself, seeking validation from others. This I have never been more aware of, until this moment now.

I listened to my beingness signature through the portal. I was detached from myself for a moment, I felt bereft – (interesting how this sounds like breath) I experienced myself as all at sea…look for a (berth) to tether me. Looking to see how I could find my breath of life again and center myself.

It wasn’t what I expected, and at the same time, exactly what I knew. I wanted to cry out with joy, that for once I was understood, and at the same time felt completely alone and lost, and deceived.

Armed with this new information, I experienced myself as ‘oh no’ I saw in my minds I a singular point of existence of pure joy and life expression, that was taken and used as a tool to further man kinds own destruction. I know for some reading this you are forgiven for thinking ‘ What is she talking about?’

All I can say for now, as I start my next stage on my journey to life; Is I have been handed the greatest ‘gift’ I could ever have wished for. My life has been given back to me, and within this I will cherish and nurture my walk back to life substance, here and one within and as the physical, because I now know what my purpose is. And it doesn’t come from outside of me, as trinkets and validation from others. But from me, it has only ever been me, and will only ever be me, one individual being within and as the whole of existence.


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