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My Life has Changed for the Better

“My life has changed over my time with Eqafe, certainly for the better.
People in my life have even said things like “I have noticed a big change in
you Jim, you are much more stable, confident, happy and full of life”.
So thank you very very much Eqafe!

I find each of Eqafe’s interviews very professional, yet caring and
personable and full of so much insight and information on the subject
Well explained, including the personal interviews for myself I have
purchased. Many of them leave me saying “That makes a lot of sense” or just

Having Eqafe as a resource for compelling answers, to my life’s questions
that ring true in me, as well as our history’s mysteries and other subjects
is just amazing to me!

But most importantly are the self help techniques, that actually work, to
improve my mental well-being and allow me to take control of my self
creation and contentment, and how to maintain and improve my health, and how
we through perfecting ourselves can improve our world.
Yes most of the interviews have a small access price that can really add up
with multiple purchases, however for me it is a great purchase, and I know
my purchase are needed so Eqafe can exist and continue to expand for us all.

For me, Eqafe and also the sister site, Desteni I Process, have been much
more real and permanently helpful and way more affordable than the expensive
psychiatrist I saw years ago, when I had a mental breakdown.

Because the psychiatrist, he didn’t have real answers to my questions and he
didn’t know how to teach me to stop my depressive thought patterns.
So my depression just bubbled up again and then exploded, even worse, when
my 4 year relationship left me, I fell into a huge mid life crisis break
down for me.

I have learned how to actually quiet my mind and my fleeting feelings and
emotions that sabotage myself from staying grounded in my body and in the
moment where life is truly lived.
At 53 years old, I have literally returned to a more youthful self!

I have learned how to really care for and love myself and found much more
contentment and completeness with being by myself.

Believe it or not, people find me more attractive and desirable and I also
attract more stable people in my life, to create friendships and
relationships with.
I also am much more sure that I know how to and can maintain a healthy long
lasting commitment with others.

I enjoy finding time to listen to the Eqafe interviews from my phone,
wearing Bluetooth headphones which allow me to do chores around the house at
the same time.
I often at a later time, listen again to an interview so I can catch some of
the information I might have missed or to improve my comprehending.

Once again Thank you all at Eqafe!”

~ Jim

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