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My Body Type and Movement of Energy In Me

This blog is a review of the Eqafe series on the Consciousness of the Spider Monkey, which you can find here:

I’d like to share my experience in relation to a point discussed by the Spider Monkey regarding the way in which a person’s physical body type and mass can, to an extent, determine how the energies of being, mind, and emotions move inside the body.

I could very much relate to the description of how beings in thinner body types with less physical mass tend to be somewhat naturally less physically grounded, and more likely to shift and adapt personalities very quickly. Essentially the point being that energies are typically moving and processing very quickly in such body types, whereas with a more solid, substantial body type and bone structure, energies tend to process more slowly and the being tends to naturally be more grounded and stable within their personalities.

So I can definitely relate to these descriptions.

Firstly, I personally have a very slender body type with a more light, delicate structure, and I very much throughout my life have experienced the energies of emotions and personalities moving very quickly, with my mind working very fast in terms of being able to adapt and change how I am around different people. Over the past few years I’ve worked quite extensively with the point of slowing down and developing my genuine, natural expression, and deconstructing and releasing myself from constructs of for instance, wanting to please people, wanting to be liked, wanting to fit in – where, my expression around people tended to be a little ‘all over the place’ and ‘shifty’ depending on who I was with.

And secondly, I can see where many times in my life I’ve known and interacted with people of a larger, more substantial physical structure who, upon reflecting on my experiences with them, had been more methodical, grounded, stable, quiet, slower paced – not shifting personalities but remaining more within one primary ‘way’ of speaking and acting and expressing themselves.

So hearing this interview really specified my understanding of my physical body in relation to my natural tendencies and predispositions that I’ve experienced throughout my life. And I find that I now have a greater appreciation and awareness of the context of different types of physical body shapes, and consideration of the different ways in which people in different bodies may experience, process, and approach things within themselves and within their world and relationships.

It’s also quite cool because the points in this interview give greater context to some of the ways in which I’ve been changing, redefining, and developing myself recently. For instance there are many people in my world that I now see have a more substantial / larger physical structure, who have had certain qualities that I myself have struggled with. Such as: discipline, being methodical, slowing down, focusing on walking the physical step by step process of learning or developing something in reality.

Within the past couple of years I’ve been able to begin giving myself these qualities and abilities by really defining these words practically for myself, working on creating an effective structure through which to channel and direct myself into practical physical living change. And within this, assisting and supporting myself with breathing, self honesty, and self corrective application, to slow myself down – slow down the energies, and cultivate a deeper, more grounded, more stable, more balanced way of participating in my day to day world.

So if you find that you also have naturally tended to move very fast in the mind and with emotion, and with your personality being all over the place and not so grounded – I suggest listening to the above Eqafe interviews for context, and also walking the Desteni I Process online courses to support with developing the practical skills of self change, to start living your utmost potential.

Thanks for reading!

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