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Learning To Deal With Difficult People

I’ve been having difficulty with a particular co-worker for some time and when the EQAFE recording titled “Dealing with Difficult People” came out I immediately jumped to download it.

It was very cool to listen and understand the perspectives given in this audio feature, because the fact that I was having difficulty with this co-worker wasn’t just about “them” but who I was with them and that I had a responsibility in my relationship with them too.

Usually when problems arise in relationships we tend to quickly blame and believe that it’s the other’s fault, not even looking or considering our responsibility within the matter. I know when I was in the presence with my co-worker and problems or emotional conflict towards them would happen, I use to think they are THEY are the one making my job experience difficult and stressful… placing blame on something I am experiencing internally.

In the recording “Dealing with Difficult People,” insights and solutions were presented on how one can essentially be a solution for oneself and the difficult person.

From this, I was able to apply what the recording suggested and my relationship with my co-worker has definitely stabilized and become better. Whenever my co-worker behaves in a specific way (a way I use blame them for making my work experience difficult), I breathe and apply the suggestions from the EQAFE recording.

To sum this up, listening to the “Dealing with Difficult People” recording was a very enlightening and educational experience for me and from this, I was able to use the techniques and insights given in the audio that allowed me to create a better and more stable relationship with my co-worker.

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