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It’s not about EQAFE, it’s about Me

My story is actually a very simple one. I have always felt alone, like if something was missing, and nobody could see it, they could judge me, judging is the easiest way to “see”, but nobody had been able to see and point it at me so I can realize who I really am. And, it’s not like I am a perfect, shiny, positive person, I talk about who I already am, without needing any feedback about it you know? I now don’t need anybody, or even myself, to tell me that I am “positive” and I should be happy… now I just know who I am, and it’s all fine. Eqafe was there to help me understand the most important thing about myself, it wasn’t about Eqafe, it was about me. I honestly don’t know what to believe about the portal, or the beings communicating through it, for me the words I heard in the interviews were nothing special, they were just words, they could have easily been made up by sunette instead of coming through the portal, but the message for me was so specific, I have already heard it, because it was myself, I just had forgotten it, I had given up. I was able to hear the sound of the people working in Eqafe because it showed me who I have always known I am, when I am alone and nobody is there to see me, in those moments I allow myself to be real and humble. It taught me what this world had failed to teach me: I must not give up on myself, not because I deserve more than the rest, but because a world where all life is treated equally is possible.

~ Raul

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