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I knew it was the Truth – Paranormal Series Review

I was always interested in the Paranormal, mainly because like many, I was looking for answers on the functioning of this – and the after this – existence.

I collected years of information, usually discordant, fickle, unsubstantiated stories that had taken on a life of their own and became the starting point of Groups, philosophies, and belief systems.

Never in my Life had I encountered anything like The Interdimensional Portal that could explain it all.

Unfortunately most of the explanations were not the lovey-dovey stuff that we had grown accustomed to, apparently no one loved us and wanted just what was best for us, there was no lesson to learn, a purpose to peculiar events or a reason to feel special for experiencing any of it.

But I knew it was the Truth – because was consistent, made sense and most of all – because it was not what I was looking for.

If you have the guts to explore reality for what it is, if you are not scared about what you will learn even though what you may have been missing is that – t’s all up to us – then explore

The Quantum Mechanics of Paranormal Events

How has it assisted me?

Well, I stopped looking for answers, stopped believing that there was some cosmic secret that I could learn that could fix my life, stopped fearing the different dimensions of reality as I realized it’s mainly a cosmic fuck up, it’s just a creation without direction, with a demented starting point, where the point of responsibility has gone missing as everyone went astray for themselves and their own benefit alone – as well it made me realize that since there’s no one in the driving seat, that position is up for grabs, we can direct it, change it, walk backward until what we have done without considering anyone else and the consequences that we were creating -while we sleepwalked through existence-, can be realigned to a common purpose to create a Life that Is Best for All – because if it’s not Best for All- the consequence outflow will never end and No One will ever have the Good Life that one is not willing to Give to Others – we can only have what we are willing to Give – we can change this for-grabbing world into a for-giving world, it’s All Up to Us.

– Eleonora

Take a look at the Paranormal series on Eqafe here – Eqafe Paranormal Events

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