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Taking My Parents For Granted

The Interview ‘When Life Turns its Back on You‘ was quite eye-opening for me. I realised how much we take our parents for granted. As a child, we just think it’s normal that another human being is at your disposal all the time – there to take care of you, look after you and giving you direction in your day or in your life. Even as we grow older and start to gain some understanding of and experience with responsibility, we don’t often stop to consider the kind of commitments our parents made within their decision to have children – where, they decide and commit to placing a child at the center of their universe and start living their lives in service of the child.

And sure, I know – we didn’t ask to be born and it’s not our problem if our parents decided to give up their personal lives to take care of us – it was THEIR decision and even the reasons for having children may have been twisted and contain some kind of hidden agendas as expecting that the child may for instance ‘fix’ their lives or or their marriage. But still – I can’t even conceive of such a dedication and such a commitment.

And then when we grow up and become adults we just want to go and live our own lives and in some cases distance ourselves from our ‘old folks’ – like they are a burden and are something to discretely and slowly be disposed of. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think or feel that we are indebted to our parents and therefore now should give up our lives to take care of them. Though, listening to this interview showed me that I had never really considered who my parents are as a being and what they go through and have gone through in being a parent. I only ever considered my side as the ‘child’ and my own experience towards them – without ever placing myself in my parents’ shoes – which would’ve probably changed my whole experience and relationship with them while growing up.

So – if you have this experience towards your parents of them being a burden and kind of wanting to distance yourself from them – or if you’re considering to become a parent and would like to have an idea of what you’re in for: I’d definitely suggest you listen to this interview. It may change your whole experience – whether as a parent or as a daughter/son in relation to your parents.
If each one – parent or child – would always take full and complete responsibility for themselves and not expect the parent or child to fulfill them – then parent-child relationships could actually stand within oneness and equality, respect and consideration. Where the point of giving and receiving care becomes mutual and unconditional and not because of an experience of guilt or expectation…
Maite Zamora Moreno

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