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How Gossip can Ruin Your Life

Gossiping – it’s something that seems to just form part of social life -where we talk shit about people behind their backs to others. Sometimes it is used deliberately to sabotage a person’s position or status, other times it seems harmless and innocent – but it’s not. The Life Review ‘Facing Gossip’ is about a person whose life was ruined by gossip. It started out as with most people – in her teenage years – but it eventually took over her life and destroyed any chance of having any type of real and honest communication with other people.

If you’re at the stage in your life where you’re being ‘introduced’ to gossip – whether you’re doing or whether you’re being gossiped about, this interview is something you should listen to. If you’ve started gossiping yourself, the interview will show you exactly what you’re in for and what chances you’re taking with your life and your future. If you have any hopes within yourself to live a meaningful life, where you are fulfilled and able to connect with other people, share real and intimate moments with them – then you should reconsider gossiping about other people and the interview will explain why.

If – on the other hand, you find yourself being gossiped about – this interview will give you insight into why people gossip and how it’s got nothing to do with you. So – to prevent yourself from shaping who you are in terms of what other people say about you – listen to this interview – it may change the further course of your life.

Gossip is never innocent and has many consequences – but we have an opportunity to educate ourselves on human behaviour so that we can take responsibility for it, for ourselves, for our lives and stop the harm that is being done through things like gossiping. Whether gossip is an acceptable part of human social life can be easily tested: you don’t like being gossiped about – no one likes being gossiped about – we wouldn’t want our child to come home crying because someone was gossiping about them, right? Then that’s our answer.


Maite Zamora Moreno

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