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Homesick & Nostalgia for a Place

I have been facing/investigating this point for some time now, where I would feel homesick, not for people, but more for a place, the forest, the mountains, when seeing pictures of same, I would still have a feeling of homesickness/nostalgia come up.I discovered several points in listening to this series.

First of all my homesickness was not in relation to people but to a place where I used to live, on the East Coast in the U.S., in the mountains of California.  When I would see a setting in a movie and/or pictures of forests, mountains, there was still that longing to return there.Through walking my process with Desteni, I have applied self-forgiveness/self-correction applications when and as this ‘feeling’ came up.  I would use my breath to slow myself down, yet there was still something I was missing in my application.

Upon listening to this series, I realized that I was still resisting this ‘feeling’ that came up, instead of directing myself Here, and then looking around at where I am now, where I live now, asking myself how fully engaged am I in my life Here? What do I enjoy about where I live now?  Why am I here?
Do I want to go back and live in the mountains?  Do I want to live on the east coast?

So, what I did was use my imagination constructively, picturing myself living where I used to live in the mountains, living on the east coast, and what I realized was that I was where I wanted to be, right here.  I also realized that this did not have to diminish my enjoyment of spending time in the forests and/or mountains, nor did I have to lock myself into nostalgia/homesickness, which is a pattern/program of the mind, thus missing the opportunity to fully engage in my present life, thus giving myself the opportunity to create my Life Here where I am!

I highly recommend this series and for that matter any and all EQAFE recordings as one is presented with valuable insight/information, plus practical applications that when applied are highly assisting and supporting to change patterns/programming within oneself.

Christine Hansen

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  1. Yogan Barrientos Yogan Barrientos

    Thanks for this review! I really like hearing how something supported a person. If I ever feel homesick I would surely check this material for support. Thanks for sharing, it means a lot to hear what is going in within a person, especially when it comes to such positive results/support.

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