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Giving Words to What I Go Through

“I listen to Eqafe-interviews mostly on the road, traveling to work. That means about 4 times per week, so about 4 interviews per week. 

While listening, it always supports me to come – or stay – close to myself. I often process some ’emotional’ points during traveling before going to work and listening to an interview supports with this. Sometimes because of listening to a related interview that gives me the answers or affirmation of what I am going through. But even when it is a different subject within the interview, just listening to the voice, the presence and the words, will support me to come to this deeper layer within myself to process what is ‘on the surface’ for me to process that day. So in a way it supports me to go and see beyond the mind and bring forward this part of/as me that is not bound to ‘logical thinking’ in/as the mind, as within this so called ‘logical thinking’ I will not find the answers that I need to expand my awareness; Eqafe supports me to expand my way of looking at many dimensions at once. This is of immens value for my well-being every day.

I have seen it in other comments before; that an interview is often coming with a subject that I am experiencing similar in that moment/period in my life, but I am going through it more undefined; the interview is then very helpful with defining and giving words to what I go through, as a confirmation and clarification of this part within myself or, from something that I see that another is going through or, explaining how for example Nature is walking it’s own process and why and how things are created and taking place as how they do.

Having access to this immens library that is still growing, is one of the greatest gifts from this time that we live in, where so much is available on the internet. Eqafe is one of the things that is connecting All and Everything – within and without – and bringing understanding on so many levels and with an individual, beneficial effect in multiple ways (instead of dividing attention as how so many stuff on the internet tends to do). Internet on itself is ‘not a bad thing’ but can be used for great purposes: Eqafe is one example of this.

I am gratefull more than I can describe; for everyone and everything in/as existence, who has put time and effort in creating this Library and to have access to Eqafe and be part of this project that is best for Life as a Whole.”

~ Ingrid

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