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Forging a Key

“The first time I heard about Desteni is on Youtube around 2011, when i was researching channeling, I notice a young bald head girl out of her body and let entity take over with just a breathe, talk about 2012 doomsday, spirituality, new ages, after life, mind consciousness system… etc, it was such a mind blowing event in my life, like a wake up call to first time look into myself with self-honesty instead of seeking answer from religion, books and those self proclaimed new age spiritual guru. I started Desteni-i-process (Lite), it’s like forging a key to unlock something inside me and somehow changed my daily life. 

In EQAFE, I found many interviews related to my personal issue. Sometimes it’s quite fascinating that the interview topic appears just on time when I’m facing the exact problem.  

Over the years, thanks to the support from all those interview, I’m much less judgemental and skeptical than before, but I still have questions and doubts. Nevertheless, even though I’m not unreservedly get into the path of Desteni yet, I’m excited and looking forward to the future of EQAFE.  Thanks.”

~ Michael

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