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The Channeled Message from the Owl

Eqafe Review

Adam Closs

The Animal Kingdom series:

The Channeled Message from the Owl

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A being talks about their existence as an owl, giving an inter-dimensional dimensional perspective of how owls see themselves, experience themselves … the history of Owls, how it is that Owls came to exist within the physical realms of earth…

This is an extraordinary recording, which came through extraordinary means, in extraordinary times. If you are not aware of the extent of the information that has been recorded through the Portal in the last ten years, that make up what is known as Eqafe, then GET CURIOUS! Have you ever wondered for example how might Nature experience itself, how Nature in its entirety exists in relation to the earth?

“Human beings do not as yet understand that there is an inter-dimensional dimensional reality within and beyond what we humans see with our human physical eyes…” Starting with an introduction to the nature of the human blindfold, in this interview the Owl walks us also through perspectives not yet known to humans about the Animal Kingdom, and extending from that, what is not known yet about Nature as a whole in relationship to the physical Earth.

So, in the context of this recording, ‘Through the Eyes of an Owl’ is like a reference to both the specific abilities of Owl-vision, and at the same time the essential analytic purposes of Owls as a group of beings that has evolved through time. X-Ray vision is how the Owl describes for us humans, the ‘seeing-through’ of things, in which in awareness of the Substance of Equality and Oneness, the Owl describes the reading of the resonance of prey, and the embrace of prey as one and equal, and at the same time illustrates the basis of interdimensional ‘X-Ray’ vision.

How it is that human beings are quite familiar already with interdimensional physical relationships, within themselves, within their interactions, is also clarified here by the Owl: “Humans are limited into the interdimensional physical relationship of the mind and body – where you are essentially interdimensionally limited into the mind, for example, the thoughts that you are thinking, the internal conversations, the backchat that you have, the reactions within you that is interdimensional within the physical relationship because one’s thoughts, internal conversations, reactions are not something that are physical physical, it is in fact interdimensional…”

So anyway, here some quotes, some recommendation, and suggestion to listen to this recording.

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