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Pertaining to the Atlanteans Series on Nervousness:

“I really recommend this series of recordings to anyone who wants to be done with such self-disempowerment!”

1550 deconstructing nervousness – Atlanteans part 89

1564 overcoming nervousness – Atlanteans part 90

1569 overcoming nervousness – part 2 – Atlanteans part 91

1585 sounding self-forgiveness for nervousness – Atlanteans part 92

1603 finalizing nervousness support – Atlanteans part 93

These 5 recordings have supported me the most in the last weeks as I had found myself within an environment for which I up to that point in time hadn’t established a working platform of behavior for myself. When this realization dawned upon me I experienced a totally overwhelming nervousness and anxiety. I wasn’t able to access my usual self-relationship of relative confidence and positive outlook on things at all in that moment. Even almost an hour afterwards I was still back-chatting down on myself ‘What is wrong with me?’ So when coming home I decided I must get a grip on this and, remembering the Atlanteans had done this set of recordings on nervousness, I sat down with my laptop and wrote out what I wanted to work with.

For instance the following from part 2 of ‘Overcoming nervousness – Atlanteans part 91’. “…nervousness as a cross-reference for where and who you are in relationship to yourself….projecting, blaming your nervousness on having to speak in front of a large crowd…one will find a contributory point that you don’t feel confident in who you are in what you are going to be speaking about, within that confidence … it’s because you don’t feel prepared, and within that preparation there are some points within what you are going to be communicating about or sharing that you feel you cannot stand with or stand by and therefore you feel a lack of confidence because you feel uncertain because you don’t trust yourself in what you’re speaking and what you’re standing as and standing up for, you then project all of that onto the people and within that what you’re actually doing in that relationship is you are afraid that they are going to react to you how you feel about yourself and this is where the dimension of fear comes in – meaning that you don’t feel confident, stable and trusting within yourself and therefore you fear that the people are going to respond to you that way, they’re not going to like you, they’re not going to listen to what you’re saying, they’re not going to be confident with you…” I was especially stunned when hearing that it actually constitutes a projection when one says one is nervous having to speak in front of a crowd. Of course! It’s not the people, it’s who I am within what I say!

Another point that was communicated explained why this realization of not having a platform was like a shock to me and played out in anxiety and nervousness – because it had actually come from my beingness – and from there my mind reacted and created the anxiety and nervousness! It was a real relief to have someone speak of this phenomenon in such clarity as I was thus able to understand that it is not something that is wrong with me, and not something that is only me, specific to me and nobody else!

I also found a memory that I had allowed to influence me to a great extent in this specific environment and with all of that I was then ready and prepared to go into the self-forgiveness process.

Since then I have been experiencing myself totally at ease in this new environment and am very happy that I was able to dismantle this self-devastating construct in myself.

I really recommend this series of recordings to anyone who wants to be done with such self-disempowerment!

Barbara S

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