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Eqafe Review – Adding real value to this world

I have been listening to Eqafe interviews regularly since the website first came online. For me, listening to Eqafe interviews is a service I do for myself to support myself to become a stronger, more effective human begin in my life, in the small and the great. What I mean by “the small and the great” is that the content covered in the interviews is expansive and covers every aspect and part of life. If you can name it, Eqafe has covered it!  If I am feeling stuck or frustrated with something in my life I will go to Eqafe and search for interviews about the specific point I am dealing with. There are entire series on specific experiences that so many people struggle with in their life, like depression or insecurity or procrastination, or oversleeping, social anxiety, body issues and so many many more. I also just keep up to date with the new releases as I find there is always new points coming through for me to consider and apply into my everyday living to support me to better not only myself but also others and life as a whole. That is one of the greatest things about the Eqafe content. The Underlying Principles that the information is based on. It is truly aligned with bringing the most out of myself, others, and life as a whole. One of my favorite series is the Soul of Money. For me this series has been so interesting because I am at a time in my life where I have been focusing on my career and developing a business. This series has been fantastic in supporting me within understanding some key principles in developing a business. And again, the thing I like the most about the support I have found in this interview series is that there is an emphasis on creating and developing a career and business that has integrity, respect, and that is truly valuable in a world where products and businesses have become in some cases purely profit driven at the expense of actually adding real value to this world. But don’t get me wrong. The tools and insights and applications you will learn about in these interviews is not going to “leave to hanging” meaning it is not just a bunch of airy fairy type stuff that you aren’t actually able to implement in this REAL WORLD. The Direction you will find within the interviews is sobering in that it does take into consideration the real state of the world and makes sure that one is able to work with our current system and what is here to become a functional member of our society while at the same time showing one how to include and bring through those aspects and qualities such as integrity, respect, care, real value, support, that in many ways has been lost in our world.

There is a lot of FREE interviews available also if you want to start exploring them for yourself. In making these interviews a regular part of my life. An invaluable quality that has come from this listening to, and regularly applying and practicing the tools and applications suggested is that I have developed a much deeper awareness of myself and life. And this is perhaps the most valuable aspect for me about the Eqafe Interviews. I have always had an intense curiosity about understanding myself, and understanding the depths of this world. If you can relate to this curiosity to “know thyself” than I would recommend Eqafe. For me I have been able to consider, reflect upon and become aware of so many levels and dimensions within myself and my life that ultimately have gone beyond what I could have imagined possible. The depth of the interviews is astounding, and this is one thing that keeps me engaged and coming back to listen to more interviews. Understanding yourself and this world through the support of Eqafe is a Journey you don’t want to miss. Enjoy.

Here is a link to the Series Andrew talks about –

The Soul of Money Series (99 products)



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