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Eqafe is like a candy store – except it is different

I listen to recordings from Eqafe almost every day. It is kind of like being a kid in a candystore, except here I get to pick between in depth and practical life advice, relationship support, and learning about existential history.

At the moment I am busy re-listening to the parenting series, a series that in depth goes into how the child’s mind is created and how the parents influence the child, but it even goes into discussing how we can re-parent ourselves by walking through those first years of our lives and see how we have been influenced in consequential ways. Later on in the series it goes into very specific points of support where you get to understand things like sibling rivalry or why some children suck on their thumb. I would say that in a world where parents for the most part have no idea what they are doing when they bring children into the world, have no instructions and very little support, this series is an invaluable resource.

-Anna Brix Thomsen

The Parenting Series is available here

Parenting – Perfecting the Human Race Series (80 products)

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