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Do You Lack Inner Strength?

This particular interview done by the Atlanteans discusses the ‘illusion of inner strength’ and I was drawn to listen to this one because these words ‘inner strength’ strike a certain cord within myself from the perspective that throughout my life I have had the perception of myself that I was someone who was very ‘strong’. In fact, I would always look at the people around me and compare myself with them and I would then derive the conclusion that I am much stronger than they are, within as well as without, which then made me feel slightly superior about myself.

However what this interview ever so nicely showed me as well as reminded me of, is how I was never really ‘strong’ within myself and that my perceived superior strength was in fact a ‘superior’ ability to create the illusion of inner strength.

While I was listening to this interview, I became sad within myself when I saw and realized the extent to which I had been creating this illusion of inner strength within myself and how I had actually been creating a weakness within myself underneath that perceived ‘strength’. I may have always believed myself to be strong, but when I have a real honest look inside of myself, I can see that there is a very small, fragile little heart that most of the time feels quite weak, scared and lost.

Since being shown this truth about how I have always been existing, I have really been pushing myself to change this self-diminishing pattern of perceived ‘inner strength’ and to establish an inner strength that is real. This has been quite a challenge for myself because it has required me to do all the things that I have actually always perceived to be weaknesses. I see now however that it takes strength, guts and a strong will to step into a position of vulnerability within yourself (which I always perceived to be ‘weakness’) and to express and exist from that point of inner vulnerability.

I can honestly say that I have now been able to experience what real inner strength is and it is a thousand times more substantial than any perceived strength that I have ever defined myself by. Real inner strength takes somewhat of a push into the unknown to discover and create, as it requires you to embrace certain parts of yourself which you have always pushed away and suppressed due to perceiving it as ‘weakness’. However, you become a more whole and complete being if you do decide to assist and support yourself to change this illusion of inner strength into a real inner strength.

I recommend listening to this video to all, because we all in our own way have created illusions of inner strength which sabotage us in being able to complete ourselves as beings, but I definitely recommend it to those who like me have based a large part of their identity and how they perceive themselves compared to others on this perception of having great inner strength. It’s eye-opening as well as practical in giving perspectives and ways to start establishing new ways of existing at a core-level.


Kim Amourette

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