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Do You Feel Insignificant?

In a number of recent products on EQAFE, namely You Will Never Change the World – Life Review, Lost in Hopelessness & Despair – Journeys Into the Afterlife – Part 81 and Why Don’t People Care? – Life Review the experience of hopelessness and futility is explored, specifically in the context of changing the world. These recordings are valuable to anyone wanting to see changes happening in the world as the task that lies ahead of us is so big, so interconnected and so deeply ingrained that it is easily to slip into a state of despair.

The common thread in all 3 recordings is that there is no one person who can change the entire world alone. It is simply not possible. There may be a way to speed up change by having access to large resources that would allow for things such as creating media that would be accessible by many people. However, real change will happen on an individual level – meaning that each person will need to be willing to change and then to actually do what it takes to implement those changes. We cannot sit around and wait to hit some kind of jackpot, we also can’t sit around and wait for “everyone else” to start creating changes – it’s up to each of us to create changes within ourselves and our lives.

Each person has particular strengths that can be developed to a point of being able to stand as an example to those around them. Each of us has a voice which can be heard through a number of different platforms available. Every person is capable of investigating how their mind works. Every person is capable of choosing how to live.

We too often do not see the potential and ability that exists within the individual. We tend to get lost in seeing only the entirety of everything that needs to change. Seeing only “me against the world” will lead to a feeling of being small and insignificant, because when measuring change from that perspective, anything you do will appear to have a negligible effect. When looking at your immediate environment however, changes you create will have visible impact that will ripple out to effect multiple lives and areas. Every person who is affected by your actions has the potential to stand with you in creating changes in their lives which will ripple out to effect even more people.

There are some people and some situations that, no matter what you do or say, you cannot move the point towards a solution. Sometimes people and circumstances will continue to fight you with no sign of stopping. This is going to happen – humanity is not at the stage where every single person alive is capable of changing their relationship to their minds. Change is possible, but there will be times where it simply does not happen. Don’t take it personally. Don’t go into that place of hopelessness. There may not be a solution for everyone and everything in this moment, or even in this lifetime.

By changing our focus and perspectives from being problem-oriented to being solution-oriented we give ourselves the opportunity to develop new and innovative ways to create change in the world, even if it is only on a small scale in our immediate environments. We determine the nature of our relationships with each other and with everything in the world, and if we define our relationships as being inconsequential, meaningless and without impact, then that is what we will create – a vicious cycle where we continue to confirm our beliefs in what we create.

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