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Awakening to New Comprehension

“Firstly I want to thank all of you for this incredible work and for bringing it into the wider community.

I am actually quite new to the material – I only came to it in the early part of 2018. Though my personal studies within myself and through WingMakers had begun a very long time ago, coming to this material was a natural progression on what I’d already understood.

The trigger points to accepting such material is perhaps an interesting science to understand. For me, it was the questions that arose from a difficult childhood – a life of such contrasts between the inside and the outside, I often wondered if there was a secret no one was talking about. Other trigger points came from incidences that were not of everyday reality. Sometimes I would be targeted by some off planet beings, beings of such force and vastness who tried to forcibly bend me to their benefit or remove me. These experiences left me with many unanswered questions. So I ready for the material of Eqafe.

There have been some Eqafe topics that had a particularly a deep impact on me which include:

The sheer scale of this setup – the extent of what the elites did to keep us ever more enslaved to them.  

Stories from the heaven existence – the Beings attitudes towards us and the realization that they were also enslaved. The demon existence and the game playing with human lives – something I had witnessed when I was a child.

And in particular Kyron’s communication in which it is explained what they did with the Crystal children, and Inidgos. I was deeply saddened. I’ve known children like these who suffer in this way and the anguish they endure. I’m glad it was stopped when they were found out.

I have so much more read and I am keen to learn about the unlimited access. It is my understanding that for those who have been with the material since the early days, they had the opportunity to read it for free back then, while for us newcomers who may want to cover a great amount, we have to pay for almost every piece on top of a steep currency conversion. You’d need to have a spare million for that.

Once again it is with gratitude that I thank you and the Desteni/Eqafe team for all that is done to make this possible.

Life is awakening to new comprehension.”

~ Alison

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