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All I Have is Gratitude

“Eqafe became my daily go-to listening from the moment it came out to the public. I can simply say I would Not be the person that I am now if I didn’t have all the references of support that I’ve gotten through the thousands of recordings from Eqafe. It has given me the necessary information, explanations, understanding about virtually every single aspect that I had spent several years wondering about in many books and websites where I didn’t have a grounding sense of understanding. To be honest, I was leading myself to look in far too many directions and I would often end up more confused than gaining some clarity. Eqafe does honor its name, it’s a place where I’ve been able to get my questions answered, which have in turn become a relief in the broad sense of the word, because so many of my questions ‘unanswered’ that were driving me a bit crazy before as in being in a perpetual ‘seeking’ for answers, have been explained and answered in many series that I’ve come to enjoy just like you would enjoy reading a book –but not only for the sake of entertainment! But because of how satisfying it is to understand how everything in this existence, life, body, animals, mind works and even that which one wasn’t even wondering about yet.

Through having a non-selective approach to the audios – which means listening to All the audios regardless of the initial interest or how relatable they seemed to me –  I’ve been able to learn more about the various aspects of life that I didn’t even consider I could ‘learn from.’ So that’s why I would recommend listening to all audios and making it a part of one’s life, regardless of how relatable it may seem to you now, because! I’ve seen how later on, as life goes, I am able to recall having heard about a certain topic in an Eqafe interview and so I just ‘take my audio out’ to listen to it again, which is awesome as well, because I am able to expand my understanding and see at times more after some time or be able to relate more to the information now that I face that kind of situation – or a similar one – in my life, or a question that may have been answered through a case study shared in an audio.

It may sound extreme, but I can’t imagine being a person in the world without the support that is provided in all the EQAFE recordings. I sometimes realize that I continue to cover every possible angle related to our lives in these audios, so I feel ‘equipped’ and at the same time, I also expand my ‘horizons’ so to speak in considering not only ways to correct or solve problems in my life, but also place into practice  new things to enrich my life. At times I can even stand as a point of support for other people when having the opportunity to practice what I’ve learned and understood from the recordings, which I also find important and valuable in my process of understanding and placing my responsibility in action. It’s the kind of material that everyone should get in schools! But for now, we start building it together here.

All I have is gratitude for the material that one can access in EQAFE, and so I can only recommend every person to consider investing in your life, because this is stuff that will support you for a lifetime – and most likely even beyond that ;)”

~ Marlen

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