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Access to the Truth

“EQAFE has been for me the most amazing, eye opening, and supportive web store ever, because it provides answers to every question one can imagine. I’ve been throughout the years seeing the evolution of how the information through the portal is presented and in EQAFE it’s now more and more specific and introspective.

I’ve been lucky for being part of the transcription team, I’ve learnt so much about myself and the world through listening and typing, on how to support myself in this life, learning to work with the complexity of the mind. Everytime I have to do a transcription I’m happy in seeing which one is it, and through the process of transcribing it I expand on my process of learning about many different topics, many of them I never asked myself about before, other topics I always asked myself about, but never before had the access to the truth. Through the portal communication is very clear, and I’ve learnt from each one of them and I’m thankful for the amazing effort of bringing it forward.”

~ Laura

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