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A Life-Line through the Good and the Bad

“When I first started my process, what became apparent was that there was a big difference between knowing and understanding something and applying it. Walking process, the path to a better self and a better Life for all, is a real challenge when – let’s face it – most of our environment is impulsing the opposite. Throughout the years I’ve used EQAFE recordings as my tuning fork. When I was having a good time processing, transforming and working through points – I used the recordings to fine tune, specify and expand myself even more. In the darkest of times when it seemed like there was only chaos around me – the tune of EQAFE, the tune of knowing I can be better, that the world can be a better place – would still ring true and resonate with that part of me that got me to walk my journey in the first place. The EQAFE releases have been a life-line through the good and the bad, a continuous guideline of support through the many facets one can face in your life. The power of EQAFE material keeps surprising me. Even when having the shittiest of days, taking that time to listen to a pertinent recording or two can shift everything around – as if waking up from a nightmare and being reminded of what is real. Before EQAFE, it would take me weeks, months, even years to wake up to the same realizations. It is a most precious gift to humanity, may we use it well!”

~ Leila

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