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A Carpet Path to Reach Who I Really Am

“Hello I’m Sergio from Veracruz, Mexico where I live and I let me say you that in 2012 I was searching in the internet Mayans prophecies and in this way I found DESTENI and the “History of Mankind” with Veno, was this first impact to my ideas, beliefs and perceptions that I had about me, so DESTENI have been since that time a support almost daily to re-born here, from this matter physic.

After that born EQAFE as way to be more closely and Reptilianos series with Anu mainly, have been my complimentary support. Of course, there are other series such as Atlanteans, The Soul of Money, etc. that have been filling me as carpet path to reach to know who really am I.

Right now, I don’t know where exactly I´m, and where must be arrive, but I sure that I’m in route.

Finally, I want to give a lot thanks to Sunette as The Portal to be part for people like me and Marlen who with her voice give life to many beings in this process through wonderful traduction e interpretation. Also, my grateful to Bernard (Eagle), who start to open for us the journey without return.”

~ Sergio

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